5 Different Types OfWindows For Your Home

Windows! That one thing that we replace once in twenty years, maximum. However here are 5 indicators to show you when you actually need to replace them.

  1. When you feel that cool in winter and hot air in summer is sneaking its way into the house.
  2. When your window paint starts peeling away due to condensation, mold or rot.
  3. When you discover cracks in your window panes or casings.
  4. When you see condensation on your between your window panes.
  5. When your windows no longer function properly.

If you see any of these signs then it’s time to replace your window panes or casings or even both. With a plethora of window styles available today, you no longer have to stick to your olden methods, if you are up for a change.

Double Hung Windows

One of the most common types of windows used around the American Continent due to its practicality and functionality. This window type comes in a variety of designs and materials, you can even customize your own. They are also easy to use and maintain as both the upper and lower piles can be deployed as required for ventilation flow. Double Hung Windows are considered affordable and are quite efficient. Providers like MCG Windows provide a wide variety for you to choose from.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are like hopper windows but installed vertically and not horizontally.  These are hinged windows that open either inwards or outwards, depends on individual preference and requirements. Casement windows come in a diversified range of colors, types, and materials. They are quite easy to use and provide an unrestricted flow of ventilation when opened.

Awning Windows

An awning is a commonly used window type. Just like the hopper window which tends to open inwards, but awning windows tend to open outwards. The mechanism prevents from limiting interior space, however, if there are plants or a wall outside, the installation of awning windows is not recommended. Awning windows prevent rain and snow from entering the room. But, it is pretty difficult to clean the outer portion of the window.

Two/ Three Panel Sliders

 A two-panel slider is the most common type of sliding window. Each side can either slide towards the left or right allowing plenty of air and light into the room. It is quite affordable and easy to install, maintain and use. It is highly efficient and is considered durable and long lasting.

Whilst a three-panel slider provides a more elaborate view of the scenery. The middle panel is fixed and the other two panels slide left or right. It provides the same benefits of a two-panel slider with the plus point of a panoramic view.

Jalousie Windows

Jalousie window also known as louver window is your perfect option if ventilation is your primary priority. These windows have parallel glasses and wooden louvers that can be opened and shut simultaneously. Louvre windows are quite of a style statement and also provide ventilation despite a bad weather condition.

There are a plethora of window options available. However, before purchasing any window, you must consider all of the important factors like weather, area, ventilation, and light. 

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