Why You Need To Think Hard About Buying Window Coverings

Window coverings are simple and not something you should bother yourself when you purchase your new home. As long as it could provide you privacy and block the sunlight it’s enough right?Wrong.

When we wake up in the morning, our eyes often wander to our windows to check if it is already morning and time for us to start our day. But what if you wake up earlier than your alarm because the sun is already shining hard on your face? You will start your day grumpier because you lack sleep. Or worse what if you were late from a very important meeting because you did not notice that it is already morning? You might find these scenarios funny or impossible, but they are likely to happen. Luckily it could be avoided if your window has the proper coverings.

Curtains Or Drapes?

People thought that curtains and drapes are the same. If you are thinking of putting one, you have to know first the difference between the two. Although both are fabric window coverings, drapes are considerably thicker and have a more luxurious feel to it. This is because the fabrics used to make drapes are damask, velvet and or silk. It is also considered normal for drapes or draperies to be longer than windows and with excess fabric pooling at the bottom. Since the materials are of stiff and thick qualities, drapes are usually used by those who valued privacy the most and wanted to keep the room mostly dark because even if the windows are open, the wind would not be able to blow the draperies away as opposed to curtains which are more laid back and easygoing in nature.

Curtains could still provide privacy and block sunlight but are not as stiff as drapes. If you wanted to have more privacy but not want to splurge on new drapes, just purchase add-ons to your curtains such as black out curtain liners. Blackout curtain liners not only provide additional privacy, it could also darken your room if you want to sleep in and not be bothered by sunlight. There are also curtain liners that blocks noise and provide thermal relief when it is colder. Adding these curtain liners would give you options if you want more sunlight in, just remove them and just hang your trusty curtains.

Blinds Or Shades?

If you are thinking of installing blinds instead, visit places like Blinds City for various blinds that are perfect for your windows. Be it roller blinds, Venetian blinds, shutters and or panel glides, they have it all with express fast delivery. There are some homeowners who prefer the ease of control when it comes to blinds. Since blinds could be controlled manually or electronically, how wide or narrow the spaces between the slats is up to the owner. Blinds are also low maintenance and just needs dusting every once in a while.

There is also an option to go vertical or horizontal blinds, although horizontal blinds could be typically found at home and vertical blinds are found in offices and establishments. Shades on the other hand is like blinds since they both function on the same mechanism of pulling a cord to let the sun in. The only difference is that when the shade is pulled fully up, there is no more privacy compared to the flexibility of blinds that you could just open the slats to let the sun in without having to completely pull the slats up or to the sides.

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