How to Revamp Your House?

A home is a place where we are most comfortable and relaxed. Almost all of us like to have a house that’s neat, nice and aesthetically pleasing, having seen many movies and pictures on Pinterest that show dream houses, with beautiful living room, splendid kitchen and serene bedroom coveting for something like that is only given and it’s not impossible to achieve, there are certain things you need to consider and few tips and tricks that need to be followed.

Living Room

the first place we come across as we enter the house is the living room. It’s like the spotlight of the entire house. The living room shouldn’t be too crowded nor should it be too empty. The colour of the paint in your living provides the basis of the theme you might want to stick, though this may be true in most cases, breaking some rules won’t do any harm.

You can repaint the living room, think about what colour you would like for the living room, in most houses this area has a lot of access to natural light with balconies and windows, in which case white or any light colour would be nice, of course if ones choice is a darker colour you could go for that too, but brighter colour tends to illuminate the living room.


Next is the furniture, you can try changing your furniture there are a variety of options available, you could get a couch and two chairs or a sofa set or an L shaped couch. Whatever the choice of furniture is the arrangement is very important. Most people tend to spoil the living room with haphazardly arranging the furniture therefore careful thought has to be given when arranging them, browse the internet for inspirations.

First you have to decide on the focal point, where you are more likely to entertain guests and converse. Do not push the furniture too close to the wall try to arrange them in the middle with having the light entering area be it the window or balcony perpendicular to it, and when choosing cushions for the couches go for something that would complement the paint on the wall.

Have your tv stand opposite the couch and do not leave the wall empty. Try to put up some painting or you could even put up certificate frames on the wall.


Doing a complete makeover with changing everything about the kitchen can be quite a task with a lot of expenses but still it’s not impossible to get a beautiful kitchen, this can be achieved by fixing the lighting, changing the paint on the wall, changing the cabinets or replacing old faucets with new ones and adding small pots of plants here and there and maybe even include a small island.


You can change the colour of your bedroom too, since it’s the place we unwind and get some rest try to repaint with cool colours and change the lighting to warm lightings, place a night stand beside the bed and add a night shade there, get new furniture, and place your dresser in front of your bed.

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