Top Features of Luxury Homes

Modern luxury homes have many fascinating features with the development of technology. The more amenities a home offers, the more valuable it becomes. Such features can be incorporated into a home to make it more luxurious. So here are some features of luxury homes that every potential buyer desires.

Gourmet Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important feature to all homebuyers. A luxury kitchen consists of features like warming drawers, restaurant quality appliances, wine fridges and a walk-in pantry. There can also be a wine room or a separate underground wine cellar with the facilities to control the climate.


Separate spaces for movies and gaming are essential features of luxury living. It is obvious that multi-millionaire home owners have movie theatres and gaming centres inside the house and also indoor swimming pools, basketball courts and lavish sports bars. These features are there to make the home owner never feel the need to leave all these comforts at home.

Indoor/ Outdoor Living

Relatively big backyards add luxury to houses. Modern luxury features include outdoor kitchens with outdoor seating, a fire pit as well as other water elements like infinity pools. Home owners always opt for sustainable and low maintenance outdoor designs.

Spa Bathrooms

Luxury households usually have a luxurious bathroom just like the ones in world-class spas or resorts. These bathrooms have walk in showers with seating, huge soaking tub, steam shower, a rain shower, radiant heated floors, towel warmers, heated toilet seats and double vanities. They add natural wood and stone elements to give it an organic finish.

Home Gym and Designer Dressing Room

Luxury homes always have a private gym facility with fully equipped workout equipment, built in speakers, a flat screen TV and many other facilities. Designer dressing rooms in these houses are more like designer stores with clothing and handbags are displayed lavishly with custom-designed sitting areas.

Smart Technology

Smart home technology allows you to control everything from your home. You can control a wide range of tasks in your home such as making sure the doors are locked, controlling thermostat, appliances, lights, music and many more from your smart phone from anywhere in the world. This system can also notify you of any motions if detected and allow you to monitor security cameras.

Therefore, you will be able to travel with ease without having to bother about the safety of your home. Cbus home control system is more popular among the homeowners who want to use smart technology for their homes. It provides an enhanced lifestyle of convenience, entertainment, comfort, security and energy efficiency through automation of routine tasks. You will need the help of a Cbus electrician. You can search them in your region, example, Cbus electrician Melbourne to find a reliable electrician to help you set up your home and monitor its efficiency to make sure the control system works without faults.

So, if you are planning on installing these features to your home, try and find out reliable professionals who would do the job for you without having to waste your time and money.

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