10 Reasons why Carpet Flooring is Still Popular

Carpet flooring has been around for decades and by the looks of it, they are not going out of fashion any timesoon. But why have carpets been a consistent choice for flooring for so long?

To read more about how carpet flooring can benefit you, go to carpet flooring Geelong. Without further ado, let us dive right in to the top 10 reasons why carpet flooring is still popular.

#1 Appearance: unlike other kinds of flooring solutions, carpets give you the option to pick from a vast variety of colours, patterns, and thickness, allowing you to personalize the look of your home. For businesses and office places, carpets can reflect your brand or the image you want to create for your company.

#2 Style: With so many colours, patterns, cuts and combinations, carpets ensure that the look you want for your home or business will remain timeless. It will rarely go out of style. Carpet’s survival in the flooring space is testament to this.

#3 Feel: The feel of hard surface floors can often be a deal breaker for some people, you would know if you have ever tried lying on a hardwood floor. In contrast, carpets are much softer and easier on the feet. They just feel good.

#4 Health: Depending on the type of carpet, they will trap dust particles, contaminants and allergens in their fibre and hold them until you clean and remove said contaminants. Wherever carpets are used, there is less dust circulating in the air.

#5 Safety: Do you have children running around playing in your home? Carpets will make it safer for them to have fun. They will reduce the chances of slipping and falling less and on the off chance that it happens, carpets will cushion the fall much better than hard surfaces.

#6 Easy Maintenance: Carpeting is less labour intensive when it comes to cleaning and maintaining compared to hard surface flooring. It will also cut down on your costs for maintenance. While this benefit might be negligible to homeowners, it is a significant consideration when it comes to large office spaces.

#7 Acoustics: For the home theatre, music enthusiasts and music production professionals, carpets are a very big deal. Carpets, especially ones with padding, are known to absorb sound and sometimes disperse it. Even for the average homeowner, a house that does not bounce sound around a lot is preferable.

#8 Insulation: Certain carpet types can trap heat in an indoor environment and help you save energy consumption at your home or business during cold seasons.

#9 Cost savings: “On an annual basis, hard surface floors require two and one-half times more cleaning time than carpet, and cleaning supplies were about seven times more expensive for vinyl floors than for carpeted floors. While upfront purchase and installation costs are more expensive for carpet than hard flooring, carpet expenditures prove to be more cost-effective over the full life of the product.:” (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, 2003)

#10 Sustainability: With the improvement of technologies and innovation, carpets can now be recycled. Avoiding the need for new materials makes carpet manufacturing more sustainable and eco-friendlier.

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