Benefits of allocating separate spaces in your bathroom

There’s no doubt that you’ve been into a nice hotel by now; even if you haven’t, the fact is that how the bathrooms have their allocated spaces for showering, for commodes, for bathtubs, and even by sinks. Why do designers make this choice? and is there any way how it can properly benefit you when you use a screen for your shower and such?

In this read, we’re going to evaluate that and give you the best solution as well.

The water splashing effect is lowered or eliminated

When you’re showering, the water droplets are definitely going to ricochet away from your body. Where do they land? They land on your bathroom floor, in the area where water isn’t supposed to be. This can be dangerous since the floor can be slippery. On the flip side, in case there was dirt underneath your foot, your bathroom is going to get muddy. These problems are resolved with ideal space allocation.

Boost the aesthetic appearance

Giving specifically allocated areas for each component makes your bathroom look better. However, we highly recommend that you go for glass screens for the best aesthetic appearance.

Plan the usability aspect better

Functionality is improved when the use of one component doesn’t bother the other. But using materials like curtains would lower the effectiveness as a whole since they occupy a lot of space and are hard to handle.

Minimize the energy bills

Let’s again look at showering since that’s the prime focus here. As you are showering with hot water, it’s necessary to keep the body at that temperature. The more you’re exposed to a lower temperature, the more heat it would require from the geyser. Since a glass screen would contain a majority of the heated air molecules, it would definitely lower the energy bills.

Best possible solution

The general rule in life is not to just accept anything you hear unless you’re fairly reasoned in a thorough manner – that’s what we just finished doing. So, this brings us to the question that decides everything; what can you use?

The first decision that you must make is disregarding curtains for good. Then you’re left with the best solution, which is none other than glass screens. In Melbourne, you’d be able to find a handful of sellers who specialize in bathroom products. With a starting price in the range of 250$-290$, you can get the industry’s best glass screens that allow you to meet the prior mentioned requirements in the best way.

However, we highly recommend not to force the companies to do deliveries even with transit insurance, since the entire process is going to be a hassle. Instead, make the purchase online where the price is lower, and fetch it by yourself.

Final thoughts

If it was all about functionality, so many people wouldn’t import JDM cars to Australia – the looks always go a very long way. Now that you know the best solution, and how that solution benefits you, making this investment would surely improve the quality of your life.

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