Reasons to Hire Disinfection Services for Your Office

Disinfection has become a very important aspect of cleaning your office due to the pandemic. Disinfection services play an important role in preventing infectious disease spread in the workplace. When the conditions of the workplace are neglected, you are risking the health of your employees and this can severely impact your business as well if the majority of the employees get sick from an infection.

Coronavirus is spread from contact between person to person and the virus can linger in the air for several hours as well. Almost all the offices are enclosed spaces so it becomes even more crucial to maintain COVID cleaning practices. Some of the materials that you will commonly find in a commercial space are stainless steel, plastic, cardboard etc. The coronavirus can linger on these surfaces for an extended amount of time so you need to carry out disinfection services daily and diligently to secure the health and safety of your employees. If you have an employee that is showing symptoms of Covid-19, it is best to engage in routine cleanings and monitor the workforce for any signs of infection. Only proper disinfection and safe practices can halt the spread of Covid-19 so you need to select a professional company to provide these services.

If you own an office, you need to hire a competent company for cleaning and disinfection. Commercial spaces should also follow the guidelines regarding cleaning and disinfection. There is a distinction between the two tasks. In cleaning, the focus is on removing dirt and grime. This does not kill the germs on the surface. This is where disinfection comes in. However, you need to hire a cleaning company that provides both services as you need to maintain a clean and safe workplace. When the workplace is disorganised and there is rubbish everywhere, the productivity of the staff will reduce. When you make an effort to keep up regular cleaning and disinfection practices, your employees are assured that you take their safety seriously and they will respond in kind by completing their work efficiently for a company that puts their health and safety first.

If there is an infected person who worked in the office, you need to take immediate action. Your cleaning service should be well equipped to provide emergency disinfection measures. You need to close off the areas that were visited by the individual and increase air circulation in these areas by openings windows and doors. Once the area has been ventilated for 24 hours, disinfection should start. The company you use should know of the proper procedures so that they deal with high touch areas first when disinfecting.

Some of the areas that should be disinfected on a daily basis are computer keyboards, remote controls, touch screens, office phones, door handles etc. You need to ask the cleaning company about the concentration of alcohol they use for disinfection. High touch and high traffic areas should be cleaned by a solution that has at least 70% alcohol. The movements used for cleaning and disinfecting are different. When disinfecting, you should be wiping one way instead of scrubbing in a circular motion to prevent spreading the virus over surfaces.

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