Benefits of Double Glazed Windows for Your Home

Doors and windows in the building envelope have a significant effect on the energy efficiency of the home. The building envelope determines whether the external environment has a large effect on the indoor temperature or not. The reason that most people choose double glazed windows is to keep the internal temperatures at a constant. So you will be able to preserve the warmth during colder months and keep a cooler temperature inside in the warmer months.

You can also ask your local window supplier whether they provide Low E glass as well as that will have a significant effect on the reduction of heat loss as well. This way you will be able to considerably reduce the thermal strain that comes from the external environment. Double glazed windows are great for any weather whether you live in a tropical country or in a country that experiences seasons. When it comes to colder regions, you can make sure that the cold temperature of the external environment doesn’t get into the house through unsealed areas in the openings. This way, you will be able to keep the heat inside without it escaping to the outside. The insulation properties of double glazed glass will keep the high temperatures of the surrounding from coming into the house as well as long as you keep the windows closed. You can also increase the effect by using different tints that block UV light from coming in.

Because of the air or gas gap that is kept between the two panes of glass in double glazing, you will be able to reduce the formation of condensation as well. A common complaint in houses during winter time is the formation of condensation in the inside of the windows. This happens when warm air of the inside meets the cold glass. As there is a gap in double glazed glass, the glass that is facing the inside of the house will be the same temperature as the interior. There is no way for the indoor air to be cooled by hitting a cold window pane as in the case of single glazing. Because of the improved thermal insulation between the inside of the house and the outside, you will be able to have a significant saving in your energy bills as well.

It is not just heat or cold that double glazed windows help keep out of the house. It also has noise dampening effects. Because sound waves have to go through an air gap and two panes of laminated glass, the noise coming from outside and inside is greatly reduced. This is very convenient for those living in urban settings so that you are not constantly hassled by traffic noises and the noises of the street. When the distance between the two panes of glass increases, the amount of noise that it can reduce also increases. These windows also provide a measure of security because there are two layers of glass for an intruder to get through. You can also use toughened glass to improve security.

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