Empty Spaces – Ways to Glam Up the Space Over Your Bed

Adding up something to the wall over your bed can give your room the extra pizazz that it needs, especially as the bed is the focal point of every bedroom. It helps you add an accent to your bed. The creative ideas to play with that specific empty space is endless.

From custom pieces to statement ones, you can go all out on making sure that it fits your room just right. This helps your room to go from feeling a slight bit vanilla to more eye-catching and complete. Keep reading as we list down some of the ideas for you to choose from in order to glam up the space above your bed.

Neon Signs

Neon lights helps give your room the ambience that it needs. From ranging colours like pink, green, yellow, etc. you can customize your choice of wording and lighting colour in order to make it flow with your room. It helps give your room a pop of colour while also drawing attention from those that walk into the room.

Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are known to bring positive energy into the room. From beaded dream catchers to simple knitted ones, you can select one that fits your room perfectly. Did you know, that according to ancient beliefs, dream catchers help one overcome nightmares and bad thoughts? While fulfilling its purpose, it also adds a certain simplistic beauty to your empty space.

Geometric Gallery Wall

If you’re looking for something that makes a more graphic statement, then geometric gallery wall is the way to go. Geometric shapes, starting from something as easy as lines to full on circles, triangles and more, helps define and organize spaces. You could even go ahead and add additional geometric touch on your bed pillows, carpets, etc. in order align the overall bedroom with a more expressive theme. However, remember not to overdo it!

Paint or Wallpaper

If not just the space over your bed, you can even opt to transform the entire background wall of your bed. When it comes to wall papers, you could choose printed ones in order to grab attention to the focal point. Or, if you prefer painting the area, you could express your artistic skills by keeping it either mild and charming or classy and vibrant or even floral themed to help the space stand out a bit more.

Mirror Touch

Did you know that mirrors have the power to make a space feel larger and more airy, especially due to the reflection of natural light? Whether you choose to hang a single mirror or go all out and make a wall gallery with different sizes of mirrors aligned, it will help make a statement in your room. You could even go ahead and add mirrors with rustic frames to give it more of an impact.

Some of the other options you could for are canvas wall art paintings, be it small or big or even play with different and fun textures.

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