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My sewing experience started as a student living away from home, when every penny counted. It is amazing what you can do with unbleached calico. When my children were young it gave me immense satisfaction to be able to see them well dressed in clothing that we designed together and that I made for them.

When I no longer needed to sew for my own children, I started a range of children's clothing in 2001 called Possum Pals. The name came about through my love for the ringtail possums that live in the trees on our property. The embroidered logo is a caricature of that possum, which is found only in south eastern parts of Australia.

Recently branching out into home décor. I design and make all items myself, including the embroidery which gives the items an individualised look, and a uniqueness not found in mass produced garments. As the Huon Pine tree's are protected and are endemic to Tasmania I only use shavings obtained from fallen trees.

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