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Current make time for tutus is 1 week. Please leave enough time for me to make and post your order if you need it by a certain date.
Tulle rolls are now available to purchase from www.rainbowtwirls.com.au

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Announcement from RainbowTwirls

Specialising in Tutus for princesses of all ages.

What do you do that makes you love life? What gives you joy? Little girls find joy in everything and for some little girls, a pretty dress or skirt makes their dreams come true. They love to twirl and dance and bounce and fluff their skirts. It is pure joy.

As adults, finding joy is harder. Watching a little girl twirl in a pretty dress brings it though. And so does making the dress for her to wear.

This is where I find my joy. I love creating things, I love playing with colours, and I love photography. Making tutus allows me to do all of these things and I find such pleasure through these activities. I'm not a girly girl myself and neither is my daughter! So I find it strange that I've landed here creating tutus for everyone else. But here I am and I absolutely love it.

It's pretty simple really. I make tutus to make me smile. And that smile only gets bigger the happier my customers are and the prettier their little princesses look!

So look through my designs and if there is something you love, I'd love to make you one for your little princess. And if you have a colour combination in your head that you'd love to see, I offer a design your own option. So let your own creativity loose and I'll bring it to life! And we'll both get joy from creating the perfect tutu.

Or if you're a little girl at heart, I'll make you one!

love and twirls,

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