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Guidelines for listing items for sale on hand-made:

Selling items on hand-made is only available to users residing in Australia
Items listed by sellers from outside Australia will be deleted without warning
Items deemed offensive by hand-made staff will be removed without warning. Offensive items include (but not limited to) items such as pornography or any item deemed to be in bad taste. The lister's information will also be forwarded on to the relevant authorities where appropriate
Items that are illegal, to sell, in Australia will also be removed from the website without warning. Such items may include, but are not limited to, weapons and alcohol.
Any seller that lists an item considered to be illegal or offensive will be removed from the site immediately! Hand-Made reserves the right to remove any item that is deemed to be unsuitable for sale on the hand-made website The seller must be legally entitled to sell the item listed for sale on hand-made.
Items listed as 'hand-made' must be created by the person listing the item. If the item is listed as a 'supply' then it may be made overseas/ by another person but the person listing the item must be a resident of Australia.

General responsibilities of a Hand-Made Shop Owner:

The seller must ensure that the item listed for sale is not in breach of the above rules.
The seller must ensure that any item listed for sale on hand-made, is available to be shipped if purchased immediately.
The seller must ensure that a listed item is described correctly and to the best of the sellers knowledge.
When a buyer purchases an item the seller is responsible for ensuring that the buyer has the relevant information to make payment for the item..
When an item sells, the Seller is to make contact with the buyer in order to complete the transaction.
The seller is wholly responsible for shipping bought item to the buyer.
The seller should make all reasonable efforts to ship the purchased item within 5 business days.
Any seller who has received payment for an item, but fails to send it, will be banned from hand-made without notice.

General responsibilities of the buyer:

When clicking on the “buy” button of any item the buyer is entering into an agreement with the seller to purchase the item.
Any failure to complete the transaction for an item may result in the buyer being banned from hand-made.
When a successful purchase has been made the buyer is responsible for getting in touch with the seller to complete the transaction.
The buyer is responsible for making payment to the seller of the purchased item utilising PayPal, Direct Deposit or Cash on Pick-up; depending upon the option(s) allowed by the seller when creating their hand-made account.
They buyer is responsible for ensuring they make payment to the seller in an expeditious manner ie within 5 business days.
The buyer is responsible for ensuring their shipping address is correct at all times.
We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

Users of this website are not permitted to approach sellers for commercial use, or to deter them from using hand-made.com.au. Any users who breach this will be removed and banned from using hand-made.com.au immediately.

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