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What is Hand-Made.com.au?

Hand-Made.com.au is a venue for Australian sellers of handmade items, artists, craft makers and suppliers to promote and sell their goods to buyers from Australia and around the globe. It is where people will go to for great Australian hand-made items.

Hand-Made.com.au has been built from the ground up, it contains many features we think will help boost our members sales. These will include such things as a direct link to their facebook page, as well as to their blog.

How does it work?

how it works

How much does it cost to join?

There are three different options avaliable.
1 - Buyer - free
2 - Free Seller - as the name suggests free, 3 sales per month
3 - Premium Seller - $10.00 per month for unlimited items with zero listing fee and absolutely no commissions on sales

What other features does hand-made.com.au have?

Hand-made.com.au also boasts a facebook app, a Hand-made Sellers group which enables you to connect with others in our hand-made community and a blog which features a different seller every Friday. Both of these features remain totally free. To appear on our blog you simply need to email us at blog@hand-made.com.au

Whats the difference between a Free Account and Premium Account?

In an attempt to help you easily see the differences between a hand-made.com.au Free Sellers Account and Premium Sellers Account we have created a quick 'account matrix' below. On the left-hand side it shows you one of the features of hand-made.com.au. Below are the columns for how this feature works if you have a 1. Free Sellers Account and 2. a Premium Sellers Account.

If you find anything on here to be at all confusing, or would just like to know more about hand-made.com.au, please email us at the relevant email address - to be found on the Contact Us Page.

Comparision Chart


Free Account

Premium Account

Price per month (30 days) $0 $10 AUD
Unlimited Items? no
3 Sale per month
Free to list an item? yes yes
NO commissions? yes yes
Up to 6 images with two additional at 35c each? yes yes
Unique shop address?





Registry? yes yes
Favourite Shops? yes yes
Eligible for Featured items ?


Must have 3 items listed

Eligible for Latest Sellers and Recently Listed Items? yes yes
Auctions? no yes
Facebook App yes
Unlimited for 30 days
and then Limited
Eligible to be included in weekly newsletter? yes yes
Eligbile to be included in weekly blog feature? yes yes
Ability to save invoices as PDF's yes yes
Maintanence Mode? no yes
Ability to place items "On Sale" yes yes
Coming Soon no yes
Multiple Categories no yes
Ability to create unique shop sections? no yes
Ability to re-arrange shop items no yes
Ability to create and issue vouchers? no yes


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