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Welcome to Blue Wren Cottage, where you will find gorgeous handmade pieces to treasure, from my hands to yours....

My name is Robyn and I live in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW Australia, with my husband, Doug.

I simply have a heart for handmade.

I enjoy many ways of creating with my hands, including sewing, embroidery, quilting, knitting, crochet, painting and designing jewellery.

I paint porcelain and have a style for painting miniatures.

Gemstones and pearls are my other love, and are relaxing to work with.
Doug polishes the gemstones, for me to transform into beautiful, wearable jewellery pieces.

I love the lustre of pearls, and the sensation of them against my skin. My jewellery pieces are always a joy to wear.

I think generally, I just enjoy working with colour through all mediums, whether it's fabric, thread, wool, porcelain paint, or amazing gemstones.

I commenced my handmade business over 10 years ago, to fulfil my handmade dream.

I started stocking my Blue Wren Cottage store in 2014, now selling on-line primarily, and at occasional craft markets.

My handmade items are of very high quality, are unique and a pleasure to make.

My pieces are intended to be useful, that is - to be touched, used and enjoyed.

My designs are handmade with love, whether it is a cute baby bib, beautiful embroidered handkerchief or towel, a unique piece of painted porcelain, a handmade card, knitted hat, or an elegant piece of jewellery.

I make sure that every piece gets sent out in perfect condition. Doug, helps me with packaging and takes care of the post office run.

Every sale is exciting and, and it's wonderful to know that my pieces are being enjoyed by others.

I am proud to have a growing business, and hope to keep creating, designing and sewing for many years to come.

Creating special handmade treasures, from my hands to yours.



If you have any questions please contact me:
email: bluewrencottage@gmail.com

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I love working with colour through all mediums, whether it's fabric, thread, wool, underglaze porcelain paint, or amazing gemstones.

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