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I love to create and variety is the 'spice of my life". I am constantly developing new ideas, mostly based on painting. I do reproducet some works, for example onto fridge magnets, but as I am addicted to painting, I usually prefer to just keep doing more and sell originals..... that way every purchaser has a unique artwork (where an item is a reproduction of my work that will be clearly stated, and of course being reproductions they will be lower in price). Over the past few years I have been doing miniature artworks and presenting them in very tiny frames.... in fact so tiny are my original paintings that they are wearable, fine art originals.. ....pendants, bracelets, rings.... each containing an ORIGINAL ONE OFF ARTWORK. Most are watercolours on silk, encaustic paintings (paintings done with melted pigmented wax) and paintings on glass which I then fire in my glass kiln.

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  • Birth May 30

Favourite materials

Silk and silk dyes and paints, watercolours, pigment inks, encaustic waxes, glass for firing in the glass kiln ... clear glass, and broken wine bottles for painting on and and dichroic glass, for its sparkle, polymer clay. I buy the settings (bezels and

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