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My Name is Jill. I am travelling around Australia and my on road hobby is creating my "Wrapped In Rope" Trivets and Colourful Bowls. I started out making them for fun and sharing them with my new friends as we travelled along. Everyone loves them and said I should share them with Australia .... so this brings me to Hand-Made. There are many useful ways to use my Trivets and Bowls. My Trivets provide a fun and colourful centre table statements, quick throw down heat mats and they are ideal to pop under an item that may scratch or mark your bench tops. My colourful bowls are terrific for placing your rings and earrings at the end of the day, tossing in your keys, loose change or just to sit on your bench and look fantastic. I use an array of wrapping materials from recycled fabrics, cool wool and pure silks (which make for bright and exciting art pieces) my silk items take me the longest to produce and are quite messy and fiddley to work with. It is exciting to see my end results, never are two alike because I create them as to how I am feeling at that moment. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do......please.enjoy visiting my Wrapped In Rope shop. Cheers Jill :)

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I work with rope and fabrics. I love experimenting with lots of different materials. The most time consuming is pure silk. I just love the finished product of the silk because it is so bright and good fun. My Silk Bowls and Trivets are a piece of a

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